INFO: First-Day-of School Assembly

Tuesday August 9, 2016 will be the first day of the new school year at William C. Overfelt High School! To kick-off the school year, the entire school will gather in the Gym from 8:20-9:00AM for the "First-Day-of-School Assembly." The band will be performing at this event! Here are the logistics of how it will unfold:

  1. IF YOU ATTENDED THE REHEARSAL ON 8/5/2016: Report to the Band Room (I-1) at 7:20AM instead of your 1st period class. Mr. Vasquez will have a sign-in sheet that you must sign in order to be excused from your 1st period class. After a quick meeting, we will gather our instruments, flip folders, and music stands before walking over to the Gym. After we set-up we will warm-up and rehearse until it is time to perform! Band students are encouraged to wear Overfelt attire or blue shirts!
  2. IF YOU ARE A FRESHMAN (OR NEW TO THE BAND) AND DID NOT ATTEND THE REHEARSAL ON 8/5/2016: Report to your 1st period class at 7:20AM, as indicated by your schedule. You will get to watch the band at this first performance, no need to worry about playing in it!
  3. IF YOU ARE A RETURNING BAND MEMBER (SOPHOMORE-SENIOR), BUT DID NOT ATTEND THE REHEARSAL ON 8/5/2016: Mr. Vasquez will NOT be checking out instruments the morning of the assembly. If you do not own your own instrument, follow the instructions for #2 (Freshman/New Members). If you have your own, you can join us If you'd like. Follow the instructions for #1 (People that attended the rehearsal).

If you are performing at the assembly, be prepared to play the following music, and make sure you have it in you flip-folder: 

  • Marching Band Hornline Warm Ups
  • Overfelt Fight Song
  • Royal Rousers
  • Seven Nation Army
  • Uptown Funk
  • Want to Want Me (Jason Derulo)

Following the Assembly (9AM), we will quickly move back to the Band Room (I-1), pack up our instruments, and put them away. You will then immediately report to your 2nd period class by 9:05AM. If this takes longer than 5 minutes, Mr. Vasquez will contact your 2nd period teacher and excuse your tardiness to class. 

Questions? Contact Mr. Vasquez at: