Built in 1962, William C. Overfelt High School is a public high school in the East San Jose area of San JoseCalifornia that provides educational and extracurricular opportunities for approximately 2,000 students. The school's mission statement is:

"To provide a safe , caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, aesthetic, personal and social development required to continue learning, pursue post secondary education, compete in a changing job market, and participate in a multicultural democratic society."


Music Classes offered at WCOHS

  • Concert Band  is the "beginning band," a non-auditioned ensemble that is open to any WCO student, regardless of musical experience. All freshman band students are placed in Concert Band by default, but many Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will also be participating in the ensemble. The goal of Concert Band is to prepare students for future involvement in Symphonic Band. At football games, basketball games, and parade events the Concert Band combines with the Symphonic Band & Percussion ensemble to form The Royal Pep Band. 

  • Symphonic Band is the "advanced band," an auditioned ensemble open to the more musically experienced, proficient, and personally responsible students at William C. Overfelt High School. Students will audition for this group at the end of the prior semester.  Students participating in Symphonic Band are held to a higher standard in the musicianship, citizenship, and commitment to the WCO Department of Performing Arts. In addition to performing at the California Music Educators Association competition in the spring, members of Symphonic Band are encouraged to audition for honor ensembles like the SJSU Honors Wind Ensemble in September and the Santa Clara County Honor Band in December. At football games, basketball games, and parade events the Symphonic Band combines with the Concert Band & Percussion Ensemble to form The Royal Pep Band. 
  • Percussion Ensemble in a class open to all students, regardless of musical experience.  This class caters specifically to students to students interested in playing drums & mallet instruments. In addition to learning and performing mallet ensemble music for the 4 annual concerts, this class also serves as the drumline of The Royal Pep Band when combined with the Symphonic Band & Concert Band. 
  • The Royal Jazz Ensemble is an extracurricular ensemble that meets Wednesday mornings before school during Teacher Collaboration Time (7:45-8:45AM).  The Jazz Ensemble is comprised of students that are enrolled in either Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Percussion Ensemble. 

Mr. Vasquez conducting the University of Massachusetts Symphony Band, 2015.

Mr. Vasquez conducting the University of Massachusetts Symphony Band, 2015.

Director: Mr. Colby Vasquez


Colby Vasquez is from Tollhouse, a small town in California's Sierra Nevada foothills. He holds an undergraduate degree in Music Education (BA) from California State University, Fresno and a Masters of Music Education with a Focus in Wind Conducting (MM) from The University of Massachusetts.

Colby has led and worked with several very diverse music programs from around the United States. During graduate school he acted as the lead visual instructor for the University of Massachusetts Marching Band and helped lead the "Hoop" Basketball Pep Band, the Concert Band, the Symphony Band, and the Trombone Choir at UMass. He has also acted as an instructor for Clovis High School (Clovis, CA), Buchanan High School (Clovis, CA), and Sierra High School (Tollhouse, CA) in addition to his work as a marching band drill writer for Yosemite High School (Oakhurst, CA) and Santa Paula High School (Santa Paula, CA).

Colby is primarily a bass trombone player, but is also proficient in euphonium, tuba, upright bass, and electric bass. Colby marched euphonium in the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps for 3 years, from 2010-2012. In 2013 he began working in the summertime as a Staff member for the Vanguard & Vanguard Cadets.